About Us

One thing about my family that you should know is…we have WAY to much fun. Everyday, all day. Nothing ever gets done around here. How many times will I restart the dryer today? Who knows. And I am absolutely okay with that. You see, my husband Jason is the most incredible man I know. For me he is incredible, he’d probably annoy the hell out of you haha! Most days he spends his spare time dancing and singing to 90’s rap while making coffee and throwing up weird gang signs to me across the room to which I stare blankly back at him. You’re so cool babe, so cool. Then there is Little Stinky. Butt cheeks, Stinky Butt, Monkey, Destroyer of All. Same kid, many names. By birth certificate his name is John and he is the most wonderful age of 2.8 years as I am currently writing this (he was born December 2013 so do the math accordingly if you’d like). I know most destroyers toddlers are…well if you don’t have kids you will find out and if ya do have kids ya know what I mean. I am mostly impressed at how fast any given object can get chewed and spit back out. Next to the trashcan because a few inches is just too hard mom. I tell you what though, that kid is the happiest most energetic and dramatic little turd i know. Yes, I called him a turd. He wakes me up early I have the right to call him that lol. Between his silly strut, yes strut, to his extreme facial expressions and driving his cars through his dinner plate, he’s pretty much the life of he party most places we go. Yeah…I’m pretty proud to be his creator. Go me! Annnddd moving on! The other sweet bundle of joy is Henry. I can’t say to much about it because well…he’s almost 3 months old..not really much going on there. I can say he has the roundest face I have ever seen and he can chug down a bottle like a frat boy. Multiple bottles. The kid is never satisfied. I know in your head you’re like ya right how bad could it really be…well. 2 Month check up… 15 pounds people. Oh lets not forget the fact that he’s 25.5 inches long. Yeah, let that sink in a little. 3-6 month clothes guys, the kid is totally messing up my clothing schedule for him. I have a very strong feeling he will be just like the other two clowns in the house but at least I’ll always have a reason to laugh.