About Me

This is Attempted Adulting, an overly honest place for every person that is just trying to navigate being a ‘responsible adult’ without really knowing what you’re doing. I am sharing my journey as it’s unfolding so you don’t feel alone or like you’re failing when nothing seems to be going ‘right’. This is about life, raising kids and maintaining a house without going bonkers. Spoilers- I AM BONKERS. I’m not great at paperwork or staying on top of the laundry or the dishes or the general cleaning or exercising regularly or being fashionable. This is a REAL LIFE, REAL FAMILY not and the edited perfect picture on social media hiding the mess. I am human, and so are you.

Who is this lady right? Why should I take stock in anything she has to say? Well, ya don’t have to. Even if one of my stories or tutorials helps someone I feel like I have accomplished what I meant for this space. I originally dreamed of sharing my life and cute pictures of my kids with the world but over the past few years (yeah I’ve owned this domain for years now) the online community has gotten pretty cruel. So I’ve decided to add a little mystery and remain anonymous. Except my mom knows it’s me. Hi Mom! But because of this I can really share the hardships I’ve been through and talk about the crap life deals you while still protecting the privacy of my family. Someone has to have these conversations. PLUS I get to tell juicy stories and not be embarrassed 😉. On here you can call me Cordelia.

I’ve been with my husband six years and we had a rough go at the beginning. Not with each other necessarily, we were dealt some pretty tricky situations that forced us to really come together as a team and have those hard conversations right away. I know, what kind of situations right? How does on and off dating for 6 months and getting pregnant rate on the sticky situation scale? All in all, most of the difficult times we’ve endured together have made us the strong couple we are today and for the future.

We have two…boys. The type of child they are depends on the hour of the day so to be safe I have male offspring. I love to create and by create I mean spend hours on Pinterest then enlisting my poor husband to do the heavy lifting for me. Ehhh sorry babe! It can’t be that bad right? We bought a second fixer-upper people, because the first one wasn’t enough of a pain. We’ve moved twice in the past few years because of some career changes but are now settled into our little country home in a small town and couldn’t be happier. So hang around,  get comfortable and I hope you enjoy sarcasm and corny jokes!